Kurau Field Trip III – Day 4

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Day 4. Day were I felt very exhausted. Pal and I did more of the experimentations while we wait for a vehicle to collect samples. We requested the vehicle at 9 in the morning, did the experimentations, and finally the vehicle arrived at 1 in the afternoon.

What a delay, right?

So I said to my pal, just do the experiments, I’ll take the samples.

It was a very taxing samples collecting.

First, not all of the candidate wells were suitable for sampling. Some has theirs sampling points badly damaged. Some has corrosion inhibitor chemicals injected to the well intake.

In the end, I can collect samples from 2 wells only.

And when I, the helper, and the driver was going back to the lab, the car’s tire broke. So we replaced it with a spare to have it broke 200 meters later.

It was about 500 meters or so from the nearest main road. Me and the helper had to walk all the way to it and waited there for a transport to come. Finally a company’s shuttle bus came, and I hitched it.

I returned to the lab an exhausted man, and still has to do some muscle taxing experiments.

Today, I still have to do them again. But thanks God, I don’t have to collect samples anymore.

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