Kurau Field Trip III – Day 5

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Today we did the experimentations the whole day. Nothing special happened, we did one set of experiments, 5 experiments in whole. We mix oil and oily water in a bottle, we shake the mix, we add very tiny dose of emulsion breaker, and we heat it up in a water bath and check for its conditions for every 5 minutes.

Nothing special…till I decided to speed things up on doing the reverse emulsion breaker and collect the necessary oily water samples directly from the separators in a nearby plant. Collecting the samples were dangerous enough, as I was dealing with very hot fluid reaching about 170 degrees fahrenheit. Moreover, I had to collect about 10 kg (roughly 20 lbs) of them and carried them in a nalgene jerrycan for almost 200 meters.

In the end, me and pal finally able to carry the samples back to the lab and made the necessary preparations and set up. This is where my day ended up bad suddenly.

Pal has plugged the necessary air blowing motor, but the motor itself was turned off. As I relocated the motor, a spark flew. A senior engineer came out of his nearby office and said “What have you done?! I got a short here!”

The motor was shortcircuited. This in the end put another delay to my already delayed field trip. Not to mention that I was getting that certain feeling that I’ll miss the camping that I have been organizing and agonizing for.

What good that will come of this? No one knows.

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