Kurau Field Trip III – Day 6

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Yesterday Pal and I diverted from our lab routine. Since we have been allowed by our boss to join other petroleum engineers to do a production logging tools (PLT) job, we decided to do so.

The tools belong to a well known service company in the industry named Schlumberger. The purpose of the logging is to gain data on fluid behaviour of the well. The well on which we performed the PLT was MSAC-13.

To tell you the truth, I have a somewhat uncertainty for the PLT job and felt that my first order, the lab tests, needede more taking care of so I decided to withdraw myseld out of the PLT job on the 6 p.m, roughly 2 hrs before they decided to terminate the job.

The termination came after much delays because of the apparent laziness and unpreparadness of their personel. Added that with the fact that tools necessary to complete the job failed, the engineer from my compant who in charge of the operation got furious and decided to terminate the job. He then complained to the personel of Schlumberger about their lack of performance and decided to report their sub-standard performance to their bosses.

If you say that number 13 is a bad luck number, the engineers involved on the well site may agree with you.

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