Kurau Field Trip III – Day 9

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWe visited a recently re-entried and now undergoing testings gas well today. This gas well has a history of having two times blow out and have been plagued with problems regarding almost every steps of the well testings. The testings are in a series called Drill Stem Tests, done by Schlumberger.

When we got there, they are cutting some of the wellbore cuttings because the casings were swollen due to problems with the previous casing sealing. Instead of using normal cementing, the engineer in charge of the casing had sealed the casing with mud, causing tremendous thermal induced swelling when the heat of the well was released in the re-entry.

Anyway, we were there to accompany two engineers from the consulting company I have told in the previous post. They were coming there to conduct site visit to do study on constructing a gas plant which will be used to process the gas from the said well so that the gas can be sold to a gas distributing company.

The visit was short cause the well was still in its early form, a borehole, and not even considered to be produced in the short time. We just strolled around the drilling area, showing them the earth type of the location, and trying to find some civilization nearby.

After lunch, we departed back to the camp. And tomorrow, they’ll be leaving and I’ll be back to the same lab routines as before.

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