Kurau Field Trip III – Day 12

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usSorry for the missing days, I have been disconnected from the cyberworld for almost, what, 3 days? I had forced my way into the IT guys though, both from Jakarta and here. Well, it seems my efforts had paid off: The cyberworld is connected to here again finally. Both e-mail account and the connection to the net is now running.

Now, back into the journal. We had been doing reverse-emulsion breaker tests. It’s very much different from the emulsion breaker test. Instead of being taken from the wells, the samples were taken from the oily water sampling lines from the separator units in the processing plants. The amount of each samples in one run is huge: 3 liters. That’s the amount that is required by the mini gas floatation unit in order to function in correct amount of samples. The samples also need to be kept hot so that the oil will not be sticking to the walls of the bottles, so we have to go back and forth from the Kurau Plant. For Melibur Plant and Lalang Process Plant, we have to keep the samples temperaterutes at the same level as when they are sampled.

And when taking samples today, our transportation was subjected to flat tire, TWICE !! The driver, which seems to talk alot and aloud, complained about how the transportation contractor’s management has been slacking in managing the maintenance of the vehicles. Not to mention that the main road that connecting the east end and west end of the island’s areas of operation looks like giant toasted cheese: black and holed everywhere.

And on the news about the camping: everything seems to be going alright, and as for tonight, they’ll be having fun at the camping site in Cidahu. Hope rain will not spoil their funs.

And I believe I have reached my saturation point here: I’m TOTALLY bored with everything: the lab, the tests, and the food !!! I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

And oh, by the way, read this. It shows how sick our world is.

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