Kurau Field Trip III -Day 13

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usWe continued our laboratory chores today, and ending two last batches of the experiments.

And finally, I got the chance to visit the offshore processing plant platforms. The final batch of the experiments required us to visit them to sample from the separators of the processing plant. Well, it’s a lonely place to visit, with only few men operating the plant and the only entertainment they get are MP3s on their PCs. But the view from there is quite breathtaking, like standing on top of an anchored but stable ship: seawaves, shorelines, seabirds, and vastness of the horizons. It’s quite a refreshing experiences.

If only the environment was not so noisy.

Well, anyway, we must do two last retries tomorrow, but only two, and not to hard to do.

We’ll come home, God Permits, on August the 23rd.

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