High Education, Low Salary

Lotus, being a junior architect and got her heart broken by the fall of rupiah’s value, points me to this article.

It makes me go WOW!! That’s some high education slavery there…

Just take a look at this figure:

wrongly paid job

Some cool and important jobs that affect a lot of people is paid severely disproportionately. I mean, many of them spend time and money on their educations only to get a small fractions of those who takes short time in colleges (Lotus compare herself with the secretaries at my office…She hit bull’s eye there. The Secretary, who a few months ahead of me in the office, already have higher salary than those who already working for years.).

I think Lumina will have the same opinion as Lotus, or worse. She’s still taking her master, while Lotus is already working. Both falls into the categories listed on the figure: Lotus is an architect, and Lumina, I believe, will be a lab scientist.

I consider myself a rather low-paid engineer šŸ˜€

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