Supersonic Japan

Japan is trying to reincarnate the spirit of the Concord by building its own supersonic aircraft. That’s something new. I don’t know if Japan can be serious with high-tech gizmos that are bigger than the world’s infamous ASIMO.

And I think Japan is not aiming at just flying supersonic flight. It may be aiming at some far superior technology than that: Shuttle Planes that can go to stars without relying on booster rockets and don’t need large launch pad. Now that China is known to be able to put man into space, Japan may have to play faster on putting man into space directly from the earth to the moon without the difficulties of present complicated launching sequences.

Or perhaps Japan is aiming at simpler goal than that: The ability to create supersonic jets that are capable of striking North Korea’s nuclear facilities or any other military facilities in minutes. Or maybe it aims a little bit closer: Okinawa.

God knows what they’re up to.

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