Feeling the Plummet

Ah. The Days Off. The Time Of Refreshments. The Cleansing of The Mind. The Time to Do Things You’ll Normally Can’t Do.

Things like learning about my investment in Prudential’s Prulink investing plant. I was wondering, why haven’t the monthly report of current state of my investment reaches me. So I gave Investment Girl a short message asking about it. She said because I’m on yearly investment range, I’ll get my report on yearly basis. She also said that I can read the current unit prices at a daily business newspaper here in Indonesia.

I don’t subsribe to any newspaper here nor I wanted to buy one just to see the unit price. So I relied on the wonder of the internet and its power to force companies to display almost everything. I asked Google, and it gave me the address of the thing I am looking for.

It turned out Prudential Indonesia is giving away their price units history for free.

And I was FLABBERGASTED to find that the unit price of my investing plan has been nose-diving since the beginning of August. It’s actually lower than when I was subscribing to the plan. It was plummeting half-way to its level a year ago in less than 30 days !!

Sensing something’s wrong, I SMSed Investment Girl again, only to have her replied in a cool and calm way : “Relax, darling, that’s the way Equity behaves. Now, just think of something else”. Geh. I know it’s how equity behaves : erratic. I wanted an analytical answer, and I didn’t get one.

Now I had this urge to learn more about how intangible assets world works. Hey, it’s my lifetime saving put on the line, so I have to think more about it. Perhaps I can find more indepth history about prulink’s unit prices so I can learn more about their behaviours. Perhaps I can ask Investment Girl about the data.

Maybe from learning about the histories, I can make change to the ratio of my investment plans to reduce the possibility of any future losses.

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