Chocolate Expo

Went to chocolate expo today with some girls. Actually, there supposed to be more people, but in the end only three of us shown up (three of we aware of….).

Well, it’s not much for an expo. The place is too small for the amount of people who showed up there. We have to feel like walking sardines in an alley that suppose to have spaces for 2 lines of people only. For 50 meters, there are at least 300 people jammed together, walking on both direction of going and coming. The situation is made worse by those who actually stopped to buy things on the stands sor just stopped to look what the stands displayed.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAnd some stands displayed many interisting stuffs. Some of them are sculptures made of chocolate. But one of the main attractions was the 12 foot chocolate fountain. Almost everyone that came into the show were willing to queue to get the experience of making a chop of biscuit got bathed by the flowing chocolate and then eat it. I got my own chance to do it too

And after the fountain dipping, I blend in with the flow, walking as fast as I could, keeping up with the sluggish pace of the crowd, elbowing and got elbowed here and there, and taking pictures of some interesting stuffs. I have mentioned some chocolate sculptures, haven’t I? Those are nothing compared to the CHOCOLATE CASTLE !!

Just see it for yourself below, Together with some other pictures worth showing. These pictures made my visit there a rather worthwhile experience

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at



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