Google is Evil (or is it just the paranoia?)

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Microsoft earned its status as a convincted monopolist in the US courts by exerting exclusionary tactics in several ways, both economic and technological. It locked down its distribution channels, for example, by insisting computer makers pay for a MS DOS license whether they shipped the OS with the system or not. The company sabotaged rivals, notably the DR-DOS and OS/2 for Windows products, by ensuring they weren’t fully compatible with its products.

Another Microsoft tactic, of setting de facto standards to favor itself, is one that Google could well deploy, particularly through its recently-revived Web Accelerator plan. But to date there’s no sign of it overstepping the boundary. So the only sensible judgement that Google is the new Microsoft would be “not proven”.

I feel, like any other companies that started small, had many revolutionary ideas, and had their products used by the majority, Google is turning into and “Evil Archtype”. First sign of it is their never ending expansion into so many elements of the cyberworld. from the connection needed to get into the net into e-mail providing. They also have the urge to spit out revolutionary products almost every month, if only to outshine competitors. Those two perhaps the reason why we should warn Google that they have become the villain in the eyes of the wary.

Perhaps one glaring mischief that Google has is their Gmail product. Gmail provided ever-growing e-mail storing capacity with easy to use navigation system and so many options. But at the same time, Gmail has a web spider that crawls through the e-mail stored there in order to display some “contextual based advertisements that relate to the contents of the e-mails”, thus close to violating someone’s privacy.

But perhaps the most dangerous thing about Google is the way it grows: fast, unrivaled, threatening, but yet still loved by many who are unaware. It feels like microsoft indeed in its early ages. You can see what kind of demon microsoft had turned into, and the same thing can become the future of Google.


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