Sidebar Gallery

Have you notice my sidebar gallery? Now now, don’t lie to me, I know you have noticed it. It’s so irresistible to watch cause it’s so damn colourful and plentiful. Not to mention many of the photos are top notch (many have said it, so I have the right to brag here) . I’m proud with my sidebar gallery, it is the best thing that can make my blog very different with other blogs out there. It’s there to make your visit worthwhile.

But I have dire problem with the sidebar though. You see, it’s a part of my blog template. I can’t add photos there without adding the url to my photos on the template, save the modified template, and republish the entire blog. I don’t know if publishing the index only is sufficient or not. I wish there are alternative to the method. Something like, but for images. Let’s just call it instant-gallery. It works like this:

1. you register to the service,
2. got a code you can insert to your template,
3. implement the code,
4. save the template,
5. got a code for a button you can put into your browsers panels,
6. click the button,
7. login,
8. add the URL of your picture,
9. Save! And whoila, the next time your site is loaded, visitor can see that you have added a new image to your gallery.

Well, i guess the service has to be free to attract people, and the gallery will have advertisements on it, but hey, I won’t mind. I need the simplicity. And this method can REDUCE the size of my template CONSIDERABLY.

Are there any similar services available already? Haven’t found them on my blogcruising life yet.



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