It is somehow typical for me that whenever I left places that I usually come for more than 10 days, changes happened dramatically.
For starter, the layout for a bookstore I usually visit when I want to find some new comics and books have changed dramatically. Then, the air conditioner at the office is somewhat warmer than the usual. I haven’t been forced to go hibernating by it. Then, the roads that I have to pass when coming home have been changed dramatically due to the gigantic road construction works there, forcing me to walk almost 2 kilometers long. Next, my most favourite eating place has been closed and moved to somewhere. Now only have 3 eating place options left…

Then I got the funny feeling that The Girl is getting married…

These changes hit me like God decided to shout at me while saying this : “SEE THE CHANGES, WHINY BOY? GROW UP!! NOTHING IS STATIC AND SO MUST YOU!!”

Well, my latest days have me thinking that I should change too. What should I change, what should I keep,what should I discard, and where should my new direction take me. I hope I can tell you the answers to those questions soon .

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