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Dear All,

A UN health official warns a flu pandemic linked to bird flu in Asia could kill between 5-150 million people.

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Prepare for The End of Days


Three bombs took the life of 62 people in Iraq, and I believe most of the mass media will not cover this up on their front page as they have done with London bombing or any other bombings in the “Developed World”.

Why? Is this because the taking of lives in Iraq is now just statistics? Are their deaths don’t mean a thing to the sleeper world because it happens so often in ? Will their death be taken more seriously?

Will dubya finally understand that it’s his job to pull the toyboys out of Iraq, and let the Iraqis kill each other if they want to take control of their own land?

Every parties are killer parties nowadays in Iraq…


They are building some HUGE research center together. I don’t know what Google is up to, but my highly creative instinct,, told me that they are aiming for Google Solar, something similar to Google Earth .

Or perhaps they aiming for even bigger thing: Google Universe !!

It seems Google is growing into an impeccable Giant even microsoft can’t handle…

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nspired by biological systems, scientists have developed miniature robots that can self-assemble using parts that float randomly in their environments. The robots also know when something is amiss and can correct their own mistakes….

another building blocks for “Rise of The Machines” that will end in “The Matrix” ? Who knows..

Read this, and you’ll soon realize how you have been tricked by overprices.

Yes, you’re enriching billionaires everytime you buy microsoft Windows or microsoft Office. Yes, you’re robbed by celebrities each time you’re paying your monthly charge for Yahoo! premium services. And yes, you’re helping dictators to stay in powers everytime you use Internet Explorer.

Stop buying microsoft. They’re rich already!!