Natural Disasters

Katrina turned New Orleans into a lake with remnants of a city scattered inside. Many lost their lives and livings. Some even went further as saying that Katrina had given USA their next big test after 9/11. It even might have given inspiration for this and forced gasoline prices to surge hinger and one football team to leave Superdome. It even had scattered a grim diaspora.

Are you a victim? Put your voice here. This is the chart of Katrina’s path of destruction. And a helicopter was shot when they are evacuating from a New Orleans’ stadion. It seems unrest has been growing there and losts are unbearable.

People have opened spare rooms for the evacuees.

New Orleans mayor had issued a SOS and dubya had been rumored to have a visit. He has said something anyway.

Germans blamed USA for the surge of oil prices, partly because some oil refineries were affected when Katrina hit.

These are the Katrina’s effects at a glance.

Looking at the pictures of what remained after Katrina, I remembered December 26th, 2004. Tsunami hit many parts of Asia, taking hundreds of thousands of lives and uprooted many cities. It is quite amazing (and scary) what natural power of the elements can do to human’s civilizations. You can’t blame nature entirely, as it works on natural laws set there by God. Warm air here, cold air there, ocean in the between, and you got one hell of a wind that brings tons of water that goes hammering your city. Put your city under the sea level and it will be turned into lake when those tons of water got dumped into your city.

It is quite interesting that God had said that humans were created to manage and improve earth. Some might say that we have done so, but many others will say that instead of improving earth, we are improving ourselves and put earth into accelerated destructions that in the end threaten to destroy us as well. Many belief that Katrina and her family of trees uprooting hurricanes are the results of global climate changes, especially global warming. Global warming happens because human’s civilization has been burning petroleum fuels and using chlorofluorocarbons for decades, emitting excessive amount of heats and hazardous chemicals, turning parts of atmosphere into a huge heat container and forcing it to do “balancing things” by directing cold air into the overheated parts. The bigger the differences, the faster the balancing speed.

Thus you got Katrina and her siblings.

So, if you are experiencing natural disasters that involved the raging of atmosphere, think about preserving the usage of petroleum fuels more.



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