What’s wrong with Opera 8.0?

This is something I haven’ told you about, but have to tell you anyway.

You see, I’m a loyal user of Opera internet browser version 7.54. It has been giving me almost everything I need to browse the internet: Fast loading time, great compability with websites, fast download speed, e-mail client software, and RSS client software.

But, since Opera is not a mainstream web browser, few sites have been failed to be loaded perfectly, some of them includes the infamous gmail. Also, Opera lacks the “load images from the originitaing site only” feature that helps me do traffic exchanging efficiently using Firefox. So, when Opera 8 launched and promised full gmail compability, it feels like all my need will be fulfilled. I didn’t upgrade right away because I’m afraid that the data I have accumulated while using Opera 7.54 will be erased and I have been too lazy to make back ups of them. But finally, last thursday, I upgraded (after making backups) to Opera 8.0.2 by installing it to the same directory where my Opera 7.54 installed.

Soon, I felt that something is not right with Opera 8.0.2.

Okay, gmail is now fully supported. Thanks God for that.

But, a site, fotografer.net was not loaded properly, with its vital site navigation features suddenly missing.

Then, I got so confused with the new navigational features which somehow not as intuitive as Opera 7.54, with some features removed or relocated somewhere not immediately found.

Finally, BlogThis! and <a href="javascript:dT30FfN3b=new Date();w=window;d=document;var u;s='';ds=d.selection;if(ds&&ds!=u){if(ds.createRange()!=u){s=ds.createRange().text;}}else if(d.getSelection!=u){s=d.getSelection()+'';} else if(w.getSelection!=u){s=w.getSelection()+'';} if(s.lengthTechnorati This linkbar buttons are not working!! BlogThis! feature has become a part of my blogging life, making it broken feels like taking an important part of my life.

Those flaws forced me to downgrade back to Opera 7.54. I have given Opera the feedbacks regarding these flaws. Til they made adjustments regarding those flaws, I will not upgrade to Opera version 8 and will keep using my Opera 7.54.

It feels so wrong that an upgrade fixes one feature and breaks other features.



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