Scarred Ones Have Spoken

For those who wanted to know what has been said by the victims of Katrina, go to this nice page. Well, not all of them are blaming dubya. BBC has done a nice job on posting a balanced article.

For Americans, read these quotes:

What you see in New Orleans is a perfect example of the downfalls of the welfare system, a form of socialism that many in this country know is the true problem. You have seen the pictures. You people think it is race, but it is not. It is the welfare society that was New Orleans.

The government might have failed but the people of America didn’t. We are as proud of our country as anyone in the world is. Our government is not what (we the people) want it to be. You can bet your life it has changed the way we look at our government and the way it does business for itself and not for the welfare of its people.

It took the EU 24 hours to get supplies to New Orleans once Bush had formally requested it. How come it took a week for him to request outside help? And more importantly how could they respond in 24 hours while it took a week for US teams to get to work?

The government of USA, like all other business encroached governments, have failed. And by the name of God, Americans, PUT THEM TO REST !!


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