Text Tax!

A member of legislative body here in Indonesia had just given us, the poor, parasited, and fooled people of Indonesia, the idea of taxing our short message service to give more income to the republic.


I think the bastard has just realized that SMS has given mobile operators such a GIGANTIC amount of revenues, and he had found a way to fatten his belly more by trying to tax the SMS !!

I bet the man-eater will have plenty of followers and thousands of protesters for the idea. But as usual, our own impotent and idiot government will see this as an easily implemented breakthrough, like usual, and unable to think the consequences to the poor souls that are their subjects, like they always do.

I bet they’ll promise to make the gained income for the benefits of the people !!

I mean, there are so many examples on how the government can actually gain revenues from the current source of incomes. Reducing unnecessary items in the budgeting, for example. Battling out corruptions, for another. CUTTING THE FUEL SUBSIDIES, for more.

And for one ultimate example: PUT CORRUPTORS TO DEATH !!

Corruptors are the maggots that have been eating away the very flesh of my country, and now one of the maggots have shown that he didn’t have enough of the flesh !!

And the government have not been able to put a stop to them cause they have the same political genes as those maggots. They are the children of the maggots !!

And for them, THIS :



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