More and more that I dwell into the cyberworld, more and more I found potencies that we humans have.
Just take a look at the internet and the blogging phenomenos..people are putting out their thoughts on the cyberworld in order to get recognition or just some offloading of their thoughts.
And take a look at how internet changes the way people use gadgets, from GPRS to iTune, from Text Messaging to watching digital TV on the go, cyberworld linked the people to their content of dreams.
And just take look on how smart people changed their loneliness into an excuse to get serious on robbing other people’s money:no gun, no riots, just some cigarettes and cups of Java, and they’ll be few digits richer.

Oh, the cyberworld, a place where being normal is being able to type hundreds of somehow weird pairs of : and ) and | and ( to express emotions to other.

Ah, I am such a person where those weird pairs mean a lot..and now I’m no longer able to express myself like I used to ..all because that damn IT outsourcing company’s director have decided that YM is such a time consuming useless activities..

Don’t he knew that it’s an efficient way to reach vendors or clients if it’s used correctly ?

Or perhaps he had been seeing people who used it incorrectly

Aah..time like this make me glad that alternatives will always be there…in this case, in form of googletalk

so, for you googletalkers out there, put your google ID on the comments and I’ll contact you !



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