Do you believe in Atlantis ? If so, read this interesting study summary

It says:

The readers who pause to ponder the matter over by themselves instead of merely listening to the often specious arguments presented by other researchers will no doubt conclude that no other location than the South China Sea and Sundaland fit Plato’s description: a sunken continent; a tropical location; elephants, horses, pineapples, coconuts and bananas; an abundance of metals and gemstones of all sorts; majestic mountain ranges; an immense plain now sunken; advanced agricultural and hydraulic engineering techniques; an extensive network of canals used for both irrigation and navigation; two or three crops per year; monsoonal rains; an incredibly large population for the early epoch; volcanisms and earthquakes; navigational expertise, etc.. Above all, one should keep in mind the antiquity of Man’s existence in the region and the fact that Agriculture and Civilization very probably originated there, as is fast becoming evident.


The important thing to keep in mind is that the main feature of Atlantis was its naval prowess and the impressive network of canals and sluices for both navigational purposes, as well as for agricultural irrigation. Such ancient wonders of hydraulic engineering are only find in the Far East in places such as Angkor, and, perhaps, in the Amazonian extensions of the Incan empire, as some recent discoveries in the region apparently indicate.

now that’s interesting. Keep on reading..

Actually, the “skeleton” of this primordial Atlantis now forms the Indonesian archipelago, whose islands are the volcanic peaks that remained above the water line when the immense expanse of the Elysian Plains — the mythical name of Atlantis — sunk away under the sea. These islands were then reduced to the Realm of the Dead known to the Greeks as the Islands of the Blest (Makarioi Nesoi). But they formerly formed a vast continent, now mostly sunken under the South China Sea. This huge piece of land was, then, indeed “greater than Asia [Minor] and Libya [North Africa] put together”, precisely as Plato asserted of Atlantis

Indonesia is the most volcanically active region in the whole world. In fact, Indonesia is formed by thousands of volcanic peaks now turned into islands, after the submergence of its lowlands. And the region is called by the forceful name of “Belt of Fire”. This ferocity is attested within historical times by cataclysms such as the explosive eruption of the volcanoes Krakatoa and Tambora, and of several others in the region of Indonesia. Sunda Strait — the site of the ferocious Krakatoa volcano — is indeed the giant volcanic caldera of this semi-submarine volcano. Lake Toba, in Sumatra, is deemed earth’s largest volcanic caldera, being fully 100 kilometers across.

we now at the the most inspiring one:

This distribution of O Blood Type strongly suggests that these peoples entered Europe from Indonesia, via the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans, precisely as legends such as those of Celts, the Romans, and the Greeks claim. Moreover, this distribution also suggests an inroad from the Indies towards the Far East, reaching all the way to the Americas, via Melanesia and Polynesia. In other words, it seems that the origin of this O-blooded population was primeval Indonesia and the sunken lands of the region, the very site of Atlantis.

Plato could not, of course, have foretold such a modern development. But it is far more than a coincidence that the ancient “Reds” or “Royals” (Kshatryas or Rajputs = “Sons of Kings”) claimed to have a different blood than commoners, the so-called “blue-blood”. Perhaps this is yet another legacy of the Atlantean science degenerated into a legendary tradition on the existence of a superior race of different blood destined to rule the others.

read the entire article, here

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