Acidizing Campaign – Day 1

Today I believe is the start of Acidizing Campaign that I have been designing since February.

I am not at Kurau yet, since two guys from my division are already there and my boss is taking days off. You can’t run an accelaration campaign efficiently with your office half empy, can you ?

But I’ll be in touch. Nothing much that can be done today anyway, perhaps a few coordinations of equipments, materials, and accomodations between parties that will be involved in the campaigns will be conducted, but that’s about it.

Err..guess colleague just SMSed that they are going performing the well injectivity tests to make sure the well will perform…well when we do the real Acid Job.

Here just hoping my colleagues won’t screw up the whole initiation things

And oh yeah, make sure you give them the scanned ID documents that Marketiva will be requesting, or you’ll have your account suspended, like what I had experienced for the last 2 days



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