Teach Math Early

So, you find it hard to do math? Perhaps you should blame your parents for not teaching you math as early as 5 years old. According to a journal, children can be taught about simple mathematics as early as possible.

The finding suggests children have an inborn intuition about math that could be used to make learning the real thing in school less painful.

Note that at pre-elementary schools learn maths based on their inborn intuition of numbers. Based on that intuition, I think it is feasible to teach them simple maths as far as multiplying that uses their hand fingers (may or may not exceed it, depends on the children’s talents).

And as always, games are the best tools to teach a pre-elementary children.

“A lot of children find symbolic arithmetic quite difficult and tedious, yet the children loved our tasks,” Spelke told LiveScience. “They were games, the children were very happy to play them, and they were also they were good at them.”

And if we implement this knowledge correctly, there will be a whole new generation out there that will proppel our civilization forward faster because Mathematic is the mother of all logical science .

So, taught your children math as soon as possible

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