Wasted on Study

According to this article, money intended to develop a plan for evacuating new orleans in case dire hurricane comes have been plunged into “studying a bridge”

I call that corruption

Well, you americans now know why Katrina turned once a city with some beautiful cemetery sites into swamp that harbors a sign of ruined civilizations.

Corruptions will hurt many people, that’s why we all need to eradicate it. As an Indonesian, I know it first hand. I’m living in world’s most corrupted civilization on present earth, one that have its people detest and need corruptions at the same time. Corruption is hated when there are signs of it taking away grassroots people chances, but corruption is needed when the same people have to settle things.

But when conflicting interests and rush for needs meet, corruption seems the easiest route to take to settle problems. But it’s also the one that will have the most terrifying multiplying effects.


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