Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theory #1 : Jihad Puppetmaster’s Smell of Oil

Ah, monday morning, walking on carbon monoxide enriched street, with injuries sending impulses of pain from my foot to my brain, that enlightment came.

“What if, the war in Iraq is not the war between Islam extrimists and dubya’s puppets, but between oil tycoons and public perception ?”

Well, the unveiled fact that the one at war are the extrimists and USA is quite undisputable, but the fact that the more advanced USA has not been able to squash the lesser civilized extremists is quite unacceptable to my logics.

What is acceptable to my logics is the thought that USA and their allies have been lingering there to give prolonged uncertainty to oil market and causing oil prices to surge high.

I’m sure this thought has occured to some too, perhaps even you.

But what I’m not sure is: have you ever thought that sam’s toyboys and idiot extremists are controlled by the same hands? hands that had been dipped deep into blood to be able to put oil out of the earth and control the world’s economy.

I mean, in one hand, the puppetmaster has been syphoning money from USA to enrich his military and service industries (think raytheon and halliburton) and with each day the toyboys stay in Iraq, he is getting fatter.

In one hand, the puppetmaster has been orchestrating means to make sure that USA will get the most of oil iraq by prolonging their existences there with his control over extremists that has been launching attacks by attacks in the name of God and freedom. Perhaps the one who has been willing on sacrificing themselves have been ignorant that by doing so they have been indulging the will of the very enemy they hate, totally ignoring the fact that they have been reduced in numbers and strength day-by-day to make their true enemy stronger.

So, by keep on hiding in the darkness and playing on both field, the puppetmaster has been gaining double profits by his remarkable use of the obediences and the fools on both side.

We must aware that this theory may be true and seek into ourselves: have we been fooled with strings attached?

Conspiracy Theory #2 : Bio Terrorism

I was quite stunned when I read a local newspapers headlines which state that 70% of avian population in a national zoo have been infected by the deadly Avian Flu.

70% OF THEM?? 70% of THEM!!

And we’re talking about major zoo here with birds numbered in hundreds, close to a thousand !! Conspiracy instincts in me suddenly initiated a conspiracy theory.

Avian Flu has been taking human tolls for the past 3 months here in Indonesia, about 4 people have died already.

Well, my theory is that someone has been cornering government of Indonesia with some kind of “media-boosted bio terrorism”. For the past few months we have heard about polio, malaria, dengue fever, TBC, avian flu, mad cows, SARS, and all kind of diseases that supposed to have been eradicated or have sources of their epidemics far from Indonesia.

I have a hunch that a puppetmaster is trying to force his will into Indonesia’s government to make them forced to accept some loans or helps to redue the effects of the epidemies, thus make stop to government’s vow of minimizing loan takings. With the help of too eager media, the pressure is multiplied.

Also that at the same timeline as the plagues outbreak is the hostile takeover by ExxonMobile on an oil producing area that has HUGE oil reserves previously under control of a state owned company. This event has been significantly reducing government credibilities and make them look more and more like a foreigners pets, not people caretakers.

Either way, the government is cornered. Government that was born out of hope of the people, have been compromising with old, corrupted government, and in the end, have been corrupted also.

Sad, isn’t it, how compromises can be used to fuel conspiracies and proppel the wicked upward?

Well, those are my conspiracy theories. Whaddaya think?


1 comment
  1. Mary said:

    …yep, yep, yep, we are all messed up. It just may not be theory at all.Thanks for the post

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