Loan Conspiracy

Indonesia is one of the biggest country in term of borrowed loans. Each year, the government of my country received millions in dollar in many forms: soft loans, develelopment loans, gifts, and other type of loans.

The weight of paying back loans is the majority of Indonesia’s budget.

Now, what I have been thinking about is this: will the creditors will to give more loans if Indonesia’s natural resources run out?

Why do I think like this? That’s because I believe the loans are ways to keep the government’s mouth shut and to keep the business collusions between foreign business entities and Indonesia’s government, that have been running freely, going.

Indonesian people are the most corrupted people in the world. Majority of them will let themselves screwed by others if the money is right. There are so many examples in my day to day live that show that many people got fooled by small amount of money.

Some of the poorest can be told to do gang wars between them if you pay them 2 US dollars.

Now, take a look at the fact that it doesn’t seem to matter to the creditors that Indonesia is one of the most corrupted country in the world. They somehow aware that the money they give to Indonesia in form of loans will not go as intented:to help the people and the development of Indonesia. The major fraction of the money will go into the personal pockets of Indonesia’s top officials instead, and the creditors has been showing, in general, that they don’t mind.

This knowledge of the ongoing corruptions and the steady flow of loans can only mean one thing: things has been happening between the government of Indonesia and the creditors.

I believe those things are form of collusions to keep the foreigners dominations over Indonesia’s natural resources left untouched.

The conspiracies may even go further as the business entities and the government collude to sacrifice Indonesia’s people for their own benefits.

Loans have been performing not as fertilizers for Indonesia’s growth, but as fertilizers for Indonesia’s parasite.

I believe loans for Indonesia, no matter how soft, need to be stopped.


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