Have you ever felt, that your love is for someone,

in your knowledge she is not alone,

even when your love cant’ be returned,

but your love is still for her..

Pernahkah kamu merasakan, bahwa

kamu sanggup melakukan apa saja demi seseorang yang kamu cintai,

meski kamu tahu ia takkan pernah peduli ataupun

ia peduli dan mengerti, tapi ia tetap pergi

Have you ever felt that,

None you are not capable of for the one you love,

although she will never care or,

she cares and understand but still left

Pernahkah kamu merasakan hebatnya cinta,

tersenyum kala terluka, menangis kala bahagia,

bersedih kala bersama, tertawa kala berpisah

Have you ever touched the greatness of love,

smile when you’re scarred, cry when you’re blessed,

sad when you’re together, laugh when you’re apart

I have

Once I smiled even though I was wounded because I believe

God made her not for me

I once cried when I’m happy, out of fear

this happiness will just fade

Aku pernah tertawa saat berpisah dengannya,

karena sekali lagi, cinta tak harus memiliki, dan

Tuhan pasti telah menyiapkan cinta yang lain untukku

I once laughed when I was separated from her

Cause once more, love doens’t mean having, and

God has prepared another love for me

I once mourned when I was with her, cause I was afraid

I’d lose her once and..

I can still love her,

Even though I can’t put her inside my embrace,

’cause love is inside the soul

dedicate for the loves of my life that have found their significant others…


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