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A toilet that sings? Now that’s something you gotta see, feel and hear !!

I’m sure it will make music lovers feel more at home when they are loading off the excess of their daily lives .


You know, if you are being constantly pummeled in a battle of the blogs of Blogexplosion, if you’re smart enough to take chances, you’re actually winning.

First, let’s start with how many votes it takes to stop a battle : 15.

And then, can you start a battle with 10 credits? You can. 15-10 = 5 easy visitors.

Do you have a hit counter put in your blog? No? Go get it now, cause it’s the key to the next trick.

You see, some hit counter, if clicked, will display your statistics.

If you use an automatic traffic exchangers, like autohits or space-surf, you’ll be likely to have a HUGE numbers of traffic coming to your site everyday.

With that huge traffics, you can fetch a high price for a rented space on your blog (via blogexplosion’s rent-a-blog feature).

One will gladly pay you 500 credits if they can get thousands of exposures.

Now, use that 500 credits to start battles of the blogs, 10 credits at a time. You’ll end up with 1.5 x 500 visitors = 750 visitors !!

So, you have been a very active battlers, but you lose all the time, no? Don’t worry, you will end up having more visitors that way.

You see, people sometimes love extremes, especially when they are presented with lots of options.

Think “Battle of The Blogs 50 Top Losers”. That’s your extreme, that’s where you have to stand out if you’re a losing blogger. People will see your blog at the top, and people will likely to get attracted to your blog and click on it.

You’ll have less honours, but you’ll have more visitors the end with less efforts !!

Losing can be advantageous too !!

Nah, don’t take this one so seriously. I know, the latest posts on this blog which spell out the sequence c-o-n-s-p-i-r-a-c in their titles deal with some very serious stuffs regarding the conditions of the world, but this one will not be it.

This one will make you, hopefully, get enlightened in how VAST the internet economy is.

Now, lets start with e-gold. E-gold is

e-gold is an electronic currency, issued by e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation, 100% backed at all times by gold bullion in allocated storage.

That means when you are depositing your money into your e-gold account, you are buying a fraction of a gold bullion (a piece of gold with standard dimensions), thus your real time account value is in connection with the real price of a standard gold.

Your e-gold account dollar value can go up and down in real time.

So you see, it is not a very good idea to make the account value of your e-gold as high as possible (the same sense can be said for your bank account, for example, cause it has the possibility of going down suddenly if gold price is down.

So..if you have thought about it, what can you do to save your e-gold account?

First, lets talk on WHY do you need an e-gold account.

Me, for example. I need an e-gold account to make an online deposit into my Marketiva account, cause I do not have a US$ bank account to do wire transfer, and there is this fortunate fact that there is an e-gold broker firm operating in Indonesia.

Marketiva is a forex trading platform, if you haven’t know that by now. It accept deposits from and withdrawals to an e-gold account.

Yes, e-gold is an online account, akin to Paypal and Greenzap.

Paypal is the most prominent of all online accounts, but it’s also the most limited. It only accepts the citizens of 56 countries and yes, Indonesia is excluded.

But e-gold is different. E-gold is not discriminator. E-gold accepts Indonesians. Long live e-gold !!

But this post is not about discrimination and Paypal, this post is about E-gold and what can you do with it.

First, the most obvious, you can make deposit into it. Find a way to make deposits that suits you. I have my broker here in Indonesia, so you may find yours nearby.

Second, you can invest your E-gold.

Invest? Yes, probably in THOUSANDS of Ways.

First, there is one form of e-gold investment called High Yield Investment Program, or infamously known as HYIP (yip, yip, yip !!).

There are THOUSANDS of HYIPs out there, and from what I can read, most of them are SCAMS !!

You may want to zap to here if you want to know how many hyips are out there and how many of them have been marked as scams.

Okay, you now know that HYIPs are numbered in thousands, and most of them are scams, but you still don’t know what HYIP is.

Let me give you an enlightment: HYIPs are usually those who gives you promises that they can double or even triple some amounts of your money in matter of 20 days or so. They usually accept investments in form of e-gold, and promise to deposit your profit daily to your account.

Looks like easy money, right? That’s why you are smelling SCAMS all around it.

Anyway, I have tried two of them, one is QueenHYIP (promises 10% daily profit) and another is Comboinvex (promises 15% daily profit).

I have received my first payment from QueenHYIP, on time. That’s 19 more payments to make them trustworthy. I started my investment on Comboinvex starting today, and hoping to be paid tomorrow.

I have registered to managed-forex too, but they ask for US$ 10 in form of e-gold, which I don’t have right now. Managed-Forex is an explicit form of HYIP, in which they put the investors money into forex trading, promising that the investors will be enjoying forex market profits without breaking a sweat. Yeah, a reguler guy’s dream.

And I am a reguler guy

HYIP is one, and there’s one more: AutoSurfs.

Autosurf programs, like Space Surf, are programs in which you are paid by viewing automatically loaded sites. Most of the time, you are required to deposit an amount of dollar, your level, and the amount of money you are paid corresponds to your level. So, if you have a 10 US$ level, for example, you will be paid 10 cents each day you meet the site-viewing requirements.

You will mostly see advertising sites, but you will not complaint anyway. You don’t have to click anything except “that small X button on right top of your window” if you feel you’ve seen enough to earn some profits.

And most of them are accepting e-gold too, and will be making payments to your e-gold account directly.

So, There’s HYIPs and there is AutoSurfs. Where can you put your e-gold next?

Your regular bank accounts perhaps (after converting it to your local currencies or US$, of course) so that you can start investing in real economic sectors and make the economic growth of your country higher?

Or you can convert some of your e-gold into Blogexplosion‘s credits and get visitors without the tedious works of clicking a “correct number”

Thanks BE !! Your e-gold accepting ways are A BLESSING !!

Aaaah, it’s been a very long articles, and I haven’t mentioned that you can accept payments in form of e-gold too (OF COURSE!!). So, if by any chance you are blessed by some sort of enlightments after reading this article, please remember that I’m just a reguler guy and reguler guy needs money.

So if you be so kind, please donate me in form of e-gold

And oh yeah, check my forex trading site in case you are interested in small time forex trading.

See you in e-gold investing world !!

Your brain is a time machine with three modes that control everything from instantaneous tasks like moving to maintaining long trains of thought and ultimately staying in synch with night and day.

Duke neuroscientists Warren Meck and Catalin Buhusi call the middle mode “interval timing.”

“To understand speech, I not only have to process the millisecond intervals involved in voice onset time, but also the duration of vowels and consonants,” Meck said Friday. “Also, to respond, I need to process the pacing of speech, to organize my thoughts coherently and to respond back to you in a timely manner.”

Theorists used to think interval timing was orchestrated by some sort of biological pacemaker that emitted timing pulses.

More of the puzzling of Three Clocks of Brain, here

It seems that the time I have spent in the world of small timer forex capitalism, Marketiva, has made me ignorant of what has been happening in the arena of international politic of the “clash of civilizations” era.

This is what has been happening: Iran is threatening Israel. It smells of nuke.

Iran has defended its president’s call for Israel to be “wiped off the map”, saying this has been its foreign policy since the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Well, I guess dubya has one more reason to invade Iran, right?

Just wait on this.