Kurau Field Trip IV – Day 2

What a lame day for a petroleum engineer who is expecting to do the intended job as soon as possible. I have to sit in the PE office for almost the whole day (that satellite TV back in my dorm is losing HBO…the rest of the channel are craps), trying to make myself understand more about forex trading and how to profit more.

gosh, all that stochastics, bollinger bands, MACD, and stufss really got into my head. And I also learn that forex trading is easier if you play with large capitals, i.e 10000 USD (yeah, right..)

And turned out tomorrow I’ll do another lab job, testing compability between a gas well fluid with a certain corrosion inhibitor. Bummer. Another lab job.

I’m a chemical ENGINEER, not a chemical SCIENTIST! There are BIG DIFFERENCES between two of them….

Oh well, wish me luck then.


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