Kurau Field Trip IV – Day 3

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Day 3 and 4 had me doing the intended logging job, up on an offshore platform that as high as 4 stories building made entirely from pipes, tubes, beams, and many other things metal.

Arrived on a boat on schedule for a hydraulic workover unit (HWU)crew change, I landed on a landing craft and transport (LCT) ship which had on it all of the giant units that will be used for the logging.

The HWU was already rigged up on top of the platform, had done its job pulling out the well completion (series of tubings, electric submersibe pump (ESP), motor, cables, and protector), it was waiting for the logging job.

The well service specialist on duty, Mr. Riyandono, with his experience and added with his wits and aura of command, then ordered Schlumberger Wireline unit to be pulled up, using the available pedestal crane, into top of the platform so that the logging job can be commenced immediately. The unit were divided into two, to reduce crane load and thus increasing safety.

After the unit parts were loaded up on top of the platform, I decided to climb up to watch the assembly of the units and the logging tools so that we can start immediately.

Now, this was the biggest problem I had while doing the logging job: moving from the docked LCT to the platform. You see, there is about 2-3 feet of distances from the LCT to the platform landing point. Well, you may think it’s not so far away, but if you consider that the only place you could put your crossing point from the LCT is on its slippery tube-shaped fence, the landing point on the platform is a slippery metal pedestal, and the height of both crossing points is about 9 feet high above a high-speed ocean current..you’ll be scared, just like me when I did my first crossing.

But I had to cross, so I throw away my pride and cross like a scary girl..well, at least I did it with safety first on my mind.

So, I crossed, and climbed up to the top of the platform..and boy, the first time there on a well logging job will make you amazed too!!

The number of masses of noisy giant units made of metal stationed there was breathtaking. That, combined with the vast span of the view you can see from there, the clouds and the sea, together with swallows that flew around the platform, is quite amazing first time experience for me.

But I was not there to be amazed, I was there to do logging job, so I did.

So, logging job I did, and it was not working without delays. First, the management got confused and delayed the operation for 2 hours.

The engineers got confused, I got confused, managements got confused. Everyone waited. Finally, the job was started at midnight, and finally I got my chance to watch logging results being composed, realtime, on the SLB monitors…for about 30 minutes..and then I fell asleep on my chair.

The job continued on the next day


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