Kurau Field Trip IV – Day 4

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us I continued on logging on day 4. Since I am not much of a night person, I fell asleep over and over in the middle of the logging session. Due to that, I failed to take records of little things that happened that night, but I didn’t fail to record the major things, like recording the changing of logging routines, instrumental failures, and the management decisions that put delays to our work.

Oh yes, I was accompanied by a senior engineer that night, we took shift in watching the logging procedures.

The logging was done somewhere around 10 a.m in the morning. We downloaded the data, and around 11 a.m, me and the senior engineer rode a boat back to Kurau to conduct a Friday Prayer.

I had no chance to took a shower prior to the Prayer, I just hoped God will forgive me.

So, around 1 p.m, I sent the results of the logging. They managed to put quite a stir to the managements, enough to make them changing their decisions in matter of minutes.

So, around 2 p.m, I was told to return to the platform to do a re-run of a USIT logging. They said the results were questionable.

So, riding a special boat, I returned to MWE Platform.

Reached the top of the platform, I found the SLB guys had ran the USIT tools again.

Along the way, the tool got malfunctioned, and we decided to abort the operation. The results wouldn’t change much from the previous runs anyway.

So, by the afternoon, the entire logging job was done. What was left was a matter of rigging down the tools and the logging unit and moved them back to the LCT.

I stayed with SLB crew to watch the movings and to wait for a boat to carry us back to Kurau.

During the waiting, I watched the night sky. If there’s something I really like about being in the field duty, it will be the sky of Kurau. During the day, the sky will give me pictures of beatiful clouds forming, rolling, and moving on a clear azure sky. Pictures that sometimes rivalled the best that a professional painter can produce. During the night, the sky will give me beautiful pictures of stars and the moon and the milky way and all other heavenly bodies that are visible during the night.

In between, the sky gives me sunsets I can’t find anywhere else.

I can’t have them in Jakarta.

And when I rode a boat back to Kurau, still I look at the sky, marvelling God’s creations and the vastness and the unlimited feelings you can have when looking at them.

Arrived to my room in Kurau, I took night prayer and tarawih prayer continued with witir prayer.

It’s Ramadhan, King of The Months, where your good deeds are rewarded multiple times.


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