Kurau Field Trip IV – Day 7 and Day 8

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Finally, another logging job on the same previous platform. The same logging unit, the same logging routine, but without the same sleepiness I had in the previous run. I believe it was because of 2 cups of 3-in-1 instant coffee I took in the afternoon.

Got there by boat which rode on violent sea. The seawaves were raging, I believe due to the kinda stormy weather. This made me difficult to make a crossing from the smaller boat to the larger thugboat that served as our center of operation. The wave rocks the boats all the time, forcing me to time my footings correctly or I’ll be slipped down to the raging current of the angry sea.

And maybe because of the violent sea, a 40 foot tubing was dropped off a hook of a crane to pile of tubings on the LCT. It was very scary to watch cause there were people right under it. Thanks God everyone was out of the falling zone in time.

The waves also rocked the thug boat all the time, made me sick after 30 minutes sitting there, so I decided to cross to the platform.

The crossing bridge was made of metallic grates this time, not wooden planks at the previous logging job. Well, I guess it was safer last night to make a cross.

Anyway, the logging job itself was running smoothly, albeit a long preparation routines done by Schlumberger personnel. By the time the sun rose in the east in Day 8, the job was done.

I went back to Kurau by boat, the sea calmer this time. Got to the main office, I sent the raw data to my bosses and colleagues, download the photos stored on my camera, and wrote this blog entry.

Aaah..finally..the reason I came here in the first place was succesfully done.

Can’t wait to go home..


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