Kurau Field Trip IV – Day 9

aahh..finally I can go home tomorrow.

Basically, I told my boss that the job he proposed can’t be done while I’m still hanging here on the field. It’s all because the well service group is taking the necessary tools to fix the currently shut in wells first and have no time to serve the job intended.

So, after doing logging job for two offshore wells on one platform and doing chemical test on the field lab, I am basically doing no field job today. I am spending the day doing blogexplosion and learning more about marketiva and the ups and downs of a forex trader’s wealth.

It is quite difficult for a newbie like me to grasp the essence of forex trading. It is full of many volatile elements, not to mention the number of indicators you need to read in order to be able to put a critical decision.

I have understood patient is one virtue that a forex trader must have. Other virtues would be the ability of becoming emotionless and the the ability of doing real time analysists while gazing at few everchanging indicators.

Of those virtues, I surely lack patient. There are number of times when I use my emotions to start trading positions and use my stubbornness to keep a losing position open. These two have contributed greatly on the draining of my capitals, whether the real one or the virtual one (yes, if you use marketiva as your forex trading platform, you’ll be given US$ 5 in real dollar and US$ 10000 in virtual dollar for practice).

I guess I need to take a formal training. A friend from Dowell Schlumberger has offered to train me for US$ 50 per month. He claimed he have been having US$ 60.000 circulating in his forex capital. He had shown me his works. He is a MASTER!!

Ah well, I’ll be coming home tomorrow, it’ll be time to go serious once I land home !!


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