Kurau Field Trip IV – Finale

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Well, I finally got home, and had a rather unusual experiences this time around.

First, I didn’t got reserved a ticket under my name and had to use another’s man ticket. Bummer! I used the ticket anyway…anything to get me onboard the plane !!

Second, the seating was on different side of the plane. I usually sit on the left-hand side of the plane, right besides the wing. Today, I sat on the right hand side of the plane, behind the wing.

Third, unlike other previous homecoming journeys, the mass of clouds were somewhat thinner and not too impressive…I took only one picture during the flight.

Fourth, I didn’t stop by my office like usual, but going straight home.

Fifth, I experienced an accident. You see, the bus I took hit a car, but it was the car’s fault. The car was trying to make a u turn in a “NO-U-TURN” turn, and he was trying to do that from the far side of the road, while going fast side-by-side the bus. The driver’s reflex was not enough to stop the bus, so the accident happened.

Those five events stacked together in one day must be a sign of something big, some critical changes, are coming my way in the near future.

Better watch my back


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