Strange Days

I have been having strange days lately. You can start from the post “Kurau Field Trip IV – Finale” for what’s been happening around my life.

Last friday, I come home riding a “motorcycle taxi” known as ojek here in Indonesia. The driver was a young man, and apparently, he was a start-up ojek driver.

First, he took me on a labyrinthine backstreets. I thought he knows the way, so I stayed calm.

It turned out he doesn’t have the knowledge of the road and when we came out of the labyrinthine backstreets, we endep up some 20 miles from my home .

20 MILES !!

So I had him turned back and took the long way home amid the rain that just started to pour down and piercing my skin when we speed up!!

I paid him the normal fee. It was his mistake that he had to take way longer route.

Then lately, I had dreams that feel more controllable and feel more like a long dramas than bunch of moving images glued together.

And I can control the dreams too. I can decide what should I do in those dreams.

The dreams, for once, felt so real it makes my real life feels so absurd.

It feels like my subconscious has been forcing me to escape my real life and stayed on the dreamworld.


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