Revived Vibration

Image Hosted by Well, you know, there was something missing from my life for the last previous days: my cellphone vibration. Yep, the vibration we all set when we do not wish to annoy people about our choice of ringtones was missing from my cellphones for days.

This morning, it cameback.

Now..since I’m not cellphone technician, I don’t know what went wrong before, but I can tell you 2 things that could be the candidate causes of the revival: a strong hit on the wall last night or a full night recharging session.

“A STRONG HIT ON THE WALL” you asked? Yep . You see, my cellphone is a M65 model, designed to endure violences and the elements. It even has that metal frame protector and rubberized interior to dampen shocks.

So, when my cousin asked what is that metal frame is for, I told him that it’s to protect the cellphone when I’m at the foulest of my mood and need to throw something to the walls.

I even throw the poort thing to hit a wall with after I told him that. That’s “A STRONG HIT ON THE WALL”, mind you.

My cousin got startled (naturally) and picked the poor thing up and got startled even more as the poor thing is still on. I can only grinned in proud for my endurance tests winning a year old cellphone (it’s now obselete, and being replaced by the new, more rugged, more featured, Siemens M75), it can still take a beating.

Is this the reason my cellphone’s vibration returned? I don’t know

The second candidate for the reason my cellphone got its vibration back is the fact that I recharged it for more then 6 hours last night. You can say I recharge it the entire night long.

I prefer to think that this is the real cure cause you see, my cellphone was recharged with different voltages while I was in Kurau last week (110 V, instead of 220 V), and it has never tasted the true pleasure of being infused with 220V electricity for long period for days !!

So, when it got a steady flow of 220V juice for more then gives back its vibe

Well, for now, I’ll enjoy the return of the vibration.


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