Slip of A Tongue

Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla (a prominent businessman), is being scolded lately for his own statement. He said that following the Bali Bombs 2 episode, there’ll be strict limitations imposed on Indonesia’s pesantrens (traditional form of Islamic Boarding Schools).

Those words backfired on him, because his road to vice presidency was mainly paved by those who were prominent figures of those pesantrens. By imposing limitations on the pesantrens, the vice president will erode his own position.

A position which has been less and less safe following the rise of fuel prices and the event of Bali Bombs 2.

It seems nowadays, every words that come out of government and their PR spinsters don’t sound right. They have spit out things that wounded people’s feelings, over and over. Their way to handle things are quite illogical and highly ineffective

The way they manage the nation’s treasury is quite absurd

And worst, their words have been contradicting their own actions

I think it’s better if the people of Indonesia start to make their own stand and overthrow the businessmen-politicians syndicate that is the government !!

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