Apparenty, I have been neglecting this blog. Sorry if you have some inconveniences concerning that fact; I have been absorbed by forex trading nowadays.

Futures market trading is very new for me and I started it with the most volatile market ever. It’s been quite impossible for me to predict the forex market. Even as I have learnt about all the indicators of the market, its movements are quite unpredictable and can very sudden and surprising.

And lately, I have been dependant on the signals supplied by the others as I have been unable to surely predict the market’s behaviour.

But for all the worst that’s been happening, I am finally able to secure 1 US$ wholetime profit.

That’s quite a relief.

Moreover, I don’t have any OPEN positions for the moments, making me relaxed a little bit and give me time to rest some.

But a trader must not stop at 1 US$ profit, right?

Wish me luck !!


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