Time of Conspiracies

I don’t know how many conspiracies we have to bear nowadays.

I don’t know how many conspiracies we have been living in.

I don’t know whether we, the ones who lived under man made ceramic substances, can evade from being a part of a moving conspiracies.

But all that I know is the fact that in order to make a living, politicians, their puppetmasters, and their appendages need to conspire.

Conspirations that may go like this:

1. Fuel Price Rise in Indonesia is not to benefit the people, but to allow foreign fuel companies to plant their root in Indonesia and suck people’s money away.
Government of Indonesia can not help but be drooled by the prospect that the companies will give some of their profits into their own private pockets. Hey, corruption is a day to day thing here in Indonesia. Every breath we take smell of corruptions.

2. Avian Flu issue is to reduce the economic growth of Far East and South East Asia growth.
Hey, Asians have been showing interesting growth rate lately. Some country even sees them as new emerging threat. So, why not implant some deadly virus there, starting with China, the most threatening of all.
“And oh yeah, why don’t we try to intimidate Indonesia too. Their government is about to increase oil fuel prices, and they need to have a BIG mass media diverter!! Avian Flu outbreak will just be THE THING !!”
It makes a good diverter too for the Iraq issues too. Add that with some “scientists” that say it will kill MILLIONS if it can transmit from human to human, and people will start forgetting Iraq and started thinking about ROCHE and its TAMIFLU.

But so far, it’s not working properly. Iraq is still an issue people took seriously.

3. Bali Bombing episode II is not about terrorism, it’s about how Indonesian government is being forced by foreign countries to accept their policies regarding many things, one of them being the petroleum industries.
With this bombing, it shall be known by Indonesian government that they have no other options but accepting the offer made by foreign countries or be target of more bombing.

4. Series of bombings in the world is not about the “terrorism”, its about “media attention” and “policy dictating” and “market for security and arsenal industries”
England was chosen as olympic host the day before it got hit by bombs. It was the collaboration of hypocrite moslems and the security industries to make moslem extremists commit suicide so that England can have more reason to stay in Iraq and to make a higher budget for their security so the industries can have more profits.
Bombings in Spain and Turkey is about the same reason: profiting the security industries.

There are so many conspiracies in the world nowadays, and I pity the public relations people: they have to create lies all the time…

1 comment
  1. Helen said:

    A man (or gal!) could go crazy keeping up with them all. Have you ever spent any time checking out the Illuminati? That will make your head spin!Peace…………….

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