Winning When You’re Losing

You know, if you are being constantly pummeled in a battle of the blogs of Blogexplosion, if you’re smart enough to take chances, you’re actually winning.

First, let’s start with how many votes it takes to stop a battle : 15.

And then, can you start a battle with 10 credits? You can. 15-10 = 5 easy visitors.

Do you have a hit counter put in your blog? No? Go get it now, cause it’s the key to the next trick.

You see, some hit counter, if clicked, will display your statistics.

If you use an automatic traffic exchangers, like autohits or space-surf, you’ll be likely to have a HUGE numbers of traffic coming to your site everyday.

With that huge traffics, you can fetch a high price for a rented space on your blog (via blogexplosion’s rent-a-blog feature).

One will gladly pay you 500 credits if they can get thousands of exposures.

Now, use that 500 credits to start battles of the blogs, 10 credits at a time. You’ll end up with 1.5 x 500 visitors = 750 visitors !!

So, you have been a very active battlers, but you lose all the time, no? Don’t worry, you will end up having more visitors that way.

You see, people sometimes love extremes, especially when they are presented with lots of options.

Think “Battle of The Blogs 50 Top Losers”. That’s your extreme, that’s where you have to stand out if you’re a losing blogger. People will see your blog at the top, and people will likely to get attracted to your blog and click on it.

You’ll have less honours, but you’ll have more visitors the end with less efforts !!

Losing can be advantageous too !!


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