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Today I followed a fellow petroleum engineer commencing open hole logging using Schlumberger’s supercombo tool. It’s basically a combination of gamma ray tool for sand/clay detecting, electric resistivity tool for water/oil detecting, and neutron emitting tool for porosity detecting, accompanied by caliper for borehole width measurement and a corelation tool.

What the supercombo do is basically helping geologist and engineer on getting the characteristic of the borehole, feet by feet as it goes deeper. They can determine, based on the tool reading, where is the clay formation and where is the sand formation of the borehole. After they found the sand formations, they will determine, based on the tool reading, whether the sand holds up oil or water or a combination of both. After that, they will determine whether the porosity of the sand formation will hinder the flow of the formation or not.

All of these determinations, will in the end decide where the well will be perforated, and thus produced from. It’s also an important data to determine the relations of this well to its neighbouring (offset) wells.

Data is important, anywhere in the world.


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usToday I helped the arrangement of some well formation stimulation project, which is not my original project. There are so many things that can go wrong with formation stimulation, and we all need to make sure that all things can be done right and correctly, so that we won’t lose this one well, either it’s production or itself.

You see, what we will do is basically putting a somekind of soap into the oil formation, so that the formation will hold back water and not oil instead. By doing so, we hope, the oil will be flowing out easily and the rate of oil production will be higher.

But, none can be sure about what will happen downhole, so..just wish me luck

Free Image Hosting at Finally did something, although not my original intention of coming here. I watched, under a scorching sun, the hassles of commisionning a new well. There seems to be so many elements of it went wrong and needed to be fixed right away. Elements like the placement of its various annulus valves and the calibration of its power supply control panel.

The valves were put in wrong positions by the drilling crew, and the wellservice guys needed to manually relocated them so that the well can be put into proper production state.

The supply control panel shows that the power used are somewhat below standard, so the seasoned engineers needed to know whether the panel were already calibrated or not. smooth start for this one, that’s for sure

Free Image Hosting at Well, the first day of my Kurau Field Trip V was spent on getting into the location, eating, and sleeping. The LCT that supposed to carry us and the heavy duty tools to the destined field was put on hold.

We can’t do anything if the LCT haven’t gone there. So by now, you must have understood why I said I was just sleeping and eating yesterday.

So, you are waiting for XBOX260 (aka XBOX ver 1.5) ? Read the words that have been saying about the fresh console flop on overheating and software instability.

Some have said further that the gadget dawn is quickly turning into its dusk, add that with the fact that microsoft is losing some dollars with every XBOX sold, the question wheter the things is here to stay or not

Guess another Halo is needed to save the thing from accelerated demise