ADSL here, ADSL there..

16:23:10 mythgarr it today’s positions are all closed by tomorrow’s dawn..I’ll withdraw my money and run away from marketiva..just kidding šŸ™‚

16:23:33 scud_guga mythgarr: u wont stop ! ^^

16:24:04 mythgarr scud_guga: and so won’t marketiva, hopefully

16:24:24 scud_guga scud_guga: haha as long as we gotjmercado it will be fine! ^^

16:24:43 mythgarr go, jmercado, go

16:24:52 mythgarr you’re a god here, he he he

16:24:54 scud_guga mythgarr: i wonder where he’s from!

16:25:28 mythgarr scud_guga: The Great Church of Forex Legions of Heavens

16:25:45 scud_guga ^^

16:25:52 scud_guga where u from mythgarr?

16:25:56 mythgarr me?

16:26:02 scud_guga yea

16:26:02 mythgarr i am from that end of the universe

16:26:14 scud_guga where’s dat?

16:26:47 mythgarr you know, the one with bali in it?

16:26:59 scud_guga indonesiA? canada?

16:27:15 litang up

16:27:16 mythgarr the less cold one

16:27:22 scud_guga indon?

16:27:44 mythgarr now, don’t say that word, it irritates me…i take that as racial word

16:27:50 scud_guga indonesia

16:27:52 scud_guga sorry

16:27:58 mythgarr now that’s better

16:28:02 mythgarr yep

16:28:10 scud_guga we are considered beo’s

16:28:18 scud_guga bro’s coz we come from same continent

16:28:26 mythgarr ah

16:28:29 scud_guga ASIA

16:28:34 mythgarr where do you come from?

16:28:48 scud_guga malaysia ^^

16:28:57 scud_guga below malaysia!

16:29:03 mythgarr tsk..lucky malaysia

16:29:09 scud_guga below malaysia

16:29:15 mythgarr singa?

16:29:19 scud_guga hyea

16:29:52 mythgarr don’t suppose you have paypal and chead adsl connection ?

16:30:03 scud_guga chead?

16:30:06 scud_guga what os chead?

16:30:23 mythgarr cheap

16:30:37 scud_guga okok lah

16:30:39 mythgarr as in US$ 30 per month for unlimited?

16:31:00 scud_guga yea

16:31:24 mythgarr do you know that indonesian needs US$ 450 for unlimited adsl?

16:31:28 scud_guga wow

16:31:32 scud_guga that’s crazy man

16:31:39 mythgarr yeah, sure dude

16:31:57 mythgarr so, have a room in your home for fellow trader?

16:32:09 scud_guga ahha

16:32:13 scud_guga why? want to join me har?

16:32:14 scud_guga ahah

16:32:34 mythgarr so i can have paypal and unlimted adsl for cheap šŸ˜€

16:33:35 koba it’s crazy guys unlimited adsl is $20 in russia

16:33:42 scud_guga haha

16:33:46 scud_guga that’s sad man…

16:33:47 mythgarr yeah

16:34:08 mythgarr only indonesians have that kind of HILLARIOUS adsl rate

16:34:15 scud_guga then come singapore lah

16:34:17 scud_guga ^^


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