Curse of The Alps Mummy (?)

Apparently, there has been a number of deaths surrounding an ice-mummified remnant of a alpine man.

It is not known how many people have worked on the Oetzi project – and whether the death rate is statistically high.

The amateur climber who found Oetzi in 1991, Helmut Simon, was killed during an unexpected blizzard in the Alps last year, not far from the original find.

His body was missing for eight days before it was located.

Within hours of Mr Simon’s funeral, the head of the mountain rescue team sent to find him died of a heart attack, aged 45 and apparently in good health.

Four other people associated with Oetzi have died, prompting rumours of a “mummy’s curse”:

Rainer Henn, 64, a forensic pathologist who handled the body. He was killed in a car crash the following year

Kurt Fritz, the mountaineer who led Dr Henn to the body. He was killed in an avalanche shortly after Dr Henn died

Rainer Holz, 47, a filmmaker who made a documentary about removing the body from its block of ice. He died of a brain tumour soon afterwards

Konrad Spindler, 66, an archaeologist who was a leading expert on the body. He died of complications related to multiple sclerosis.

Hmm..wonder of Ramses II had a very distance relatives that roam the alpine range and they have been exchanging letters, which in one of them the famous pharaoh told his brothers about what curse should be triggered if their deceased bodies are found.

Curse? Geh, that reminds me of a sad pathetic love story of mine..


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