Lost In The Jungle of Gold

As I venture deeper into the jungle of internet e-gold investments, I have the feelings that I’m getting lost. First, there is e-gold, and then there is autosurf, and next HYIPs…all are confusing, all are 90% scams, and all are attacking each others.

That’s why I am glad that the cyberculture has invented something called Web Forums, where people can venture on their own to see people’s opinions on things and therefore able to judge what will be safe for them and their e-golds.

Me, I have chosen several highly praised autosurfs to invest to for several reasons: you invest, you surf a few times, you get rewarded. Or you can surf more, automatically and absolutely no mouse-clicks needed, to pile up credits so your site can be given some more exposures.

With more exposures, and more traffics coming to your site, the next step will be to go to a CPM advertising site and get their advertisments to be displayed on your site !!

Of course, I am still going to trade in Marketiva.

Forex trading, having cut my capital into half, is the most potential tool to reach financial freedoms.

The lost I got? That’s a learning expense.


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