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Contrary to popular belief, neurons continue to grow and change in older brains.

The apocryphal tale that you can’t grow new brain cells just isn’t true. Neurons continue to grow and change beyond the first years of development and well into adulthood, according to a new study.

The finding challenges the traditional belief that adult brain cells, or neurons, are largely static and unable to change their structures in response to new experiences.

The study, performed in adult mice, found that the branch-like projections on some neurons, called “dendrites,” were still physically malleable. Dendrites conduct electrical signals received from other neurons to the parent neuron’s cell body. The changes occurred both incrementally and in short bursts, and involved both growth and shrinkage.

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eview: Robosapien Grows Up

WowWee’s second attempt at the Robosapien is a pricey one, at $250. Still, the Robosapien V2 is nearly double the size of its predecessor and is capable of head turns, arm and shoulder bends, grasping with large robotic fingers, and bending at the waist. By entering program mode via the
remote, you can program him to move in any position you like. He can also hear, see, feel, and interact. But if there’s one thing that he doesn’t excel at, it’s bowling.

Find out why in the review.

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Review Roundup: Watch As You Go

Portable video recorders aren’t as popular as Apple’s video iPod, but they do offer a lot more functionality. Just connect them to your PC or TV and record anything from My Name is Earl and Airline to Invasion and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. And that’s not all: PVRs also let you store MP3s, photos, and more. Ring in the new year with one of these three PVRs tested: the Archos AV 500, Cowon A2, and the Datexx Pavio PVR30T.

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Chances are that if you received a new PC for the holidays, you’ll need a printer to go with it. Luckily, PC Magazine have rolled out top-rated choices, along with the ones you were most interested in reading about in 2005. Find out what they are here

Maybe your New Year’s resolution is to travel more? If so, bring along one of these stellar laptops, from the best business laptop to a killer gaming system and more. Or maybe it’s to own a better music player for bopping to the beat? Try one of these MP3 players on for size.

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Review Roundup: Add Ringtones to Your Cell Phone

Phone companies sometimes charge an arm and a leg for ringtones. Instead, why not try a ringtone-maker program and pay just once? There are five to choose from in the roundup.

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Review: A Superzoom That Swivels: Nikon’s Coolpix S4

The Coolpix S4 is Nikon’s latest superzoom digital camera. It’s designed to swivel so that the lens and the body can rotate independently of each other. Although the S4 is packed with great features, such as In-Camera Red-Eye Fix, D-Lighting, and a 2.5-inch LCD, its shooting quality falls
short. The performance results in the review


Try this one !!

Your Score

Your scored -0.5 on the Moral Order axis and 1 on the Moral Rules axis.


The following items best match your score:

System: Socialism

Variation: Moderate Socialism

Ideologies: Social Democratism

US Parties: Democratic Party

Presidents: Jimmy Carter (83.91%)

2004 Election Candidates: John Kerry (82.74%), Ralph Nader (75.69%), George W. Bush (64.03%)


A top Iraqi official says his country cannot take control of prisons from the US, after an apparent escape bid.

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I think the whole thing is just a setup made to justify the lengthening of Sam’s Devil’s horde occupation in Iraq. It’s been a year already, and with the money pouring in, why don’t the Iraqis executives do something for their countrymen and stop fattening themselves !!

And after several months, I’m finally insulting Dubya’s toys again! What A RELIEF !!


Review Roundup: Help Your Kids Phone Home

Adults aren’t the only ones who need cell phones to keep in

touch. We’ve got five cell phones designed exclusively for

your kids, with features such as parental controls,

speed-dial buttons for Mom and Dad, and built-in educational

games. Read our reviews of the Cingular Firefly, the Enfora

TicTalk, the LG Migo VX1000, the LG VI-125, and the Nokia


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Review: PowerPC’s Last Hurrah?

Apple’s new Power Mac G5 Quad is the Hummer of desktops,

with quad processors and 1 terabyte of hard drive space. It

will give graphics professionals the power they need to

produce large-scale output on increasingly short

deadlines–if you don’t mind paying a bundle for it. Check

out our review and slide show.

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Today, we’re looking at 4 different X800 GTOs from 3 different manufacturers. Each of these cards is different, but all are good solutions.

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Intel is flaming away with its new Pentium Extreme Edition 955 processor and the accompanying 975X Express chipset. The dual core 955 runs at a speedy 3.46GHz and a total of 4MB L2 cache (2MB per core). Here are the latest reviews from around the web: VIPERLAIR Legit Reviews Sudhian Hexus …

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