Kurau Field Trip V – Day 6 and 7

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Well, 20 hours out in the field doing things to a well is not a picnic, I can say that much.
I went to the a well last night, a well that has been overtaken by a massive metal structure called Hydraulic Workover Unit, which’s function is to do many things to the inside of a well. Things like what I have commandereed last night and today.

Things like putting well completion out of the hole, killing the well, and putting a stimulation string inside complete with isolation packer.

That stimulation string was used for injecting the previously mentioned surfactant into the formation, with the packer acted as effiencer for the fluid usage. Without the packer, the amount of fluid used will be abundant, because pressures are needed to push the stimulation fluid into the formation, and without the packer, pressures will be provided by the fluid’s volume.

So, in short, a single, 5 foot packer replaces tons of fluid.

Well, anyway, the stimulation fluid injection itself went on smoothly, but the prerequisite processes before it were infected with problems. That HWU donated most of the problems, being an old unit and being forced to work overtime.

Ah well, whatever. I am currently waiting for the results of the stimulation.

Most of the previous stimulations didn’t turned out as expected: they reduce oil productions.


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