Kurau Field Trip V – Day 8 and 9

Can you imagine <strong)surviving storm at sea while boarding a speeding jetboat and sitting on its deck and uncovered?


Rain drops hitting me like freezing needles, which were sharp in the skin and salty in the lips.

The sun was set, the sky was dark, and the air was filled with blinding haze.

The air was eerily cold, and the wind was merciless, howling endlessly while the engine of the boat roared.

The boatsman was at helm, driving with instinct and helped only by compass.

The visibility range was 3 feet far.

The only light available was the rotating yellow upper roof light,

and the flashing of the lightning.

And my clothes are wet,

As I struggled to protect my digicam, my mp3 player, and the group’s ancient but only laptop.

As the air is getting colder and colder,

And as hunger strikes in,

My mind goes hazy,

As migrain attacked.

And as soon as the haze lifted,

the rain slowed down,

and the visibility was returned,

the boat was back on course,

my heart and guts went calm.

And as I landed on the Jetty,

and walked back to my room where I cleaned and bathed, and dried myself,

I thanked God for still making me survived the storm,

One storm I’ll bever forget.


What was I doing before the storm?

I was coming home after checking a well site which was waiting to be perforated. Since night time perforation was not allowed, the perforation crew went back to the main camp riding a boat.

That’s when the storm hit us.

After that stormy night, I returned to the well site before dawn broke, and commencing three perforation sequences on the said well. The perforations went on smoothly, with no imminent failures came during the sequences.

But the well site, which was an exploration well (a well which must produced oil to confirm the potency of the reservoir), was still not giving out oil, apparent from the absence of oil in the 3 perforation guns pulled out of the well bore.

I will be doing production testing tomorrow, to confirm the well’s ability to produce oil.


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