Kurau Field Trip V – Day 10 and 11

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Day 10 and 11 found me confused and stressed over collegial and authority problems. I was about to bring back online a stimulated well and unloaded 100 barrel of fluid into atmospheric tanks, and started up that well I just perforated.

Turned out that in one day, administrative, authoritative, and collegial problems all stacked up and really makes me confused and to a degree, went emotional.

Drilling division was hogging up all trailers and cranes for their own purposes. That made me and my pal confused on how to transport a tank that was plotted necessary for the new well start up process. After walking around finding solutions, finally the wellservice group told us that we can use their tanks still left at the well’s site area, because their mobilization to an offshore platform was cancelled and they’ll be working on a well close there.

That’s one problem solved.

Another problem arose when I was about to start up a well that has been put into dormant stimulation phase. I got paniced when there is a rumor that the wellservice division has began moving from the well and carry all of their equipments out of there. I still need the tanks (yes, both wells problems were revolving around tanks) to unload the fluid.

So I went to the wellsite, and found the tanks were still there. Without anymore delays, I told the wellservice crew left there to prepare everything. I also told the production and ESP technicians to get ready to start up the well’s pump.

8 p.m, after all problems solved, I got a call saying that the well’s start up was to be cancelled. I asked the wellservice top guy who cancelled that, he said he won’t accept if I do the start up that night. Another call to the production top guy confirmed that the well’s start up was to be cancelled.

So I cancelled the start up, and began it in the morning.

The start up went well in the end, with the desired amount of fluid unloaded reached perfectly.

After that, I told the well to be stopped so that they can divert its flow to the production line.

The production and ESP technicians tried to start up the well after 30 minutes, but the well’s Electric Submersible Pumps behave strangely. That was not my problems though.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Next problem was the start up of the new well. I was called, while getting ready to unload the stimulated well, that the new well’s connection lines were ready and start up could be commenced. I told them that since me and my pal was getting ready to start up the stimulated well, the well’s start up could wait for the morning. The safety could also be increased if the start up was held at morning.

Well, after the start up of one well was cancelled, we decided that the start up of the other well could be commenced that night. He would go to the new well’s site, and I would observe the start up of the stimulated well.

Well, things went crazy after this. The wellservice guy in charge of completing the new well said that the well must be started in the morning so that the well’s possible gas problem potencies could be minimized.

My pal got an SMS from top guy of Production to start up the well.

He confirmed that with the guy about the wellservice guy’s opinion.

the top guy confirmed the wellservice guy.

The well started up in the morning.

So, basically, both wells were started up in the morning.

My pal went there, started up the well, and took the samples needed to confirm the well’s oil potency.

He confirmed that the well produced oil, albeit in small amount.

That news confirmed that both of our jobs here ended in a degree of positive success.

Can’t wait to go home.


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