Mass Review: Half Terrabyte Harddisks

Anandtech promised a 3-way comparison between Hitachi’s 500GB 7K500, Western Digital’s 400GB WD4000YR, and Seagate’s 7200.9 500GB drive and they keep to their promises. Take a look at how these highest capacity drives compare.

Beginning with the IPEAK runs, the WD4000YR took the lead performing 769 IO operations per second under the Business Winstone 2004 test and 505 IO operations per second in the Content Creation Winstone 2004 part of the test. Seagate’s 500GB 7200.9 came nowhere close to these numbers, but rather took a few steps back.

The WD4000YR also performed the best out of the three in the application load time tests with applications starting at around half a second faster consistently, which is a big deal. With this test, we were not only testing the specified application load times, but also general access times and service times.

All of the physical specifications of the WD4000YR tell us that it won’t perform as well as the two 500GB models, but our benchmark results say otherwise. Those of us who are familiar with hard drive technology know that the higher transfer rates that the 3.0Gb/sec models have to offer can only be achieved when multiple disks are striped, but we never thought that a 1.5Gb/sec unit could out-do those with double the theoretical transfer rates.

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