The ices are melting, the ocean level is rising, and the balance of the elements will be shifted.

Thesea are two indicators :

1. Emissions are 16 percent higher than in 1990, for an average annual increase of 1.1 percent

2. Melting permafrost leaves sinkholes, twisted roads and leaning trees. Expect it to get worse.

And all of those melting and heating up is caused by excessive usage of earth-born fuels, fossil fuels. I believe it’s time for us to think out-of-tradition more. To force alternatives into becoming mainstream.

Solarpower, Fuelcell, and Tidalpower is the future. The future that has been waiting, the future that has been put on hold, and the future that has been struggling in vain, mostly because fossil fuel industries have grown so big and so fat.

So big and so fat, if it’s going down, many sectors of economy will be going down with it.


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