Review Bundle: What’s on PC Magazinw

Review Roundup: Gifts for the Road Warrior

Traveling for business can be stressful enough without

having to worry about technical problems, so we’ve compiled

a list of items that can help those on the go deal with

problems of organization, data storage, and equipment

transport when shuffling among cities. Read our article and

you’ll discover the right gift to ease the troubles of the

road warrior in your life.

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Review: A Wearable MP3 Player

Wearable MP3 players are nothing new. You’re most likely

familiar with the Oakley Thump and Thump 2. These players

sound decent, but they’re expensive and not always

practical. While searching for an alternative, we came

across the Xtatix Freefone: headphones with a built-in 1GB

MP3 player. Although this wearable MP3 player won’t be your

first choice if you’re a music nut, it may just be the

perfect fit if you just want to load a couple of music

albums before heading out to the gym or store,. Find out how

well the player works in our review.

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Review: A Sturdy, Impressive System

If you’re a business professional who doesn’t need to travel

frequently, then you may be interested in Lenovo’s

titanium-covered ThinkPad Z60M laptop. This hefty system (it

weighs in at 7.1 pounds) comes with a 15.4-inch antiglare

widescreen, a fingerprint reader, and Lenovo’s TPM (Trusted

Platform Module). View a slide show of the system and read

our review.

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Review: The Cutest Slider Phone

If you’re the fashionable type, you’ll appreciate the

Samsung SGH-e635 slider phone. This tiny 3-ounce phone that

fits comfortably in the hand has a bright, sharp screen,

impressive battery life, an instant-messaging client, and

two preloaded games. It’s cute as a button, but we have one

major complaint. Find out what it is in our review.

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Plus: A Quirky Messaging Phone

The Samsung SGH-D307 is the first double-fold phone to make

it to the U.S. market. Yahoo!, AOL, and Hotmail addicts will

enjoy its features, provided they can get past the difficult

user interface.

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